I can walk up to your door with heavy boots on and walk away with ballet shoes on my feet. You give me positives to replace my negatives. You make me feel normal when I think I must be the only person feeling like I do. You are always calm, kind, listen without judging. You have taught me to believe in myself and given me many tools to make life better.
— Tracy

Tune into the voice of your intuition, feel empowered, discover your natural gifts and unveil the truth about what you truly desire from life. Gently challenge limiting thoughts and release beliefs that might be blocking your true desires from being realised. Throughout the coaching process, limitations are gently challenged and then released.

The techniques Suzi uses are gentle, encouraging, creative and empowering. Begin to deeply understand who you are;  value yourself deeply and begin to honour the calling of your truth, living life with an empowered core self belief enabling you to confidently deal with all aspects of life.

The Confidence Coaching process provides a unique, soul directive and enriching experience. Suzi creates a safe, cosy and nurturing environment. 6 sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis in-person or online. 

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