Brilliant course! Really calming and confidence building, helped me realise how to find peace and share it with those around me. Thank you so much!
— Wilma, Mind Calm for Me Evening Class

MIND CALM is the modern-day meditation technique that gives you 'peace with mind'.  Instead of having to stop your thoughts, get rid of your emotions or change your life BEFORE you can enjoy serenity and success. Mind Calm, created by best-selling author Sandy C. Newbigging, can help you to access the inner source of calm, clarity, confidence and contentment - NOW.

Having worked with Sandy Newbigging from the inception of Mind Calm I was thrilled to be qualified as the first Mind Calm Coach in the UK. Since then I have been teaching Mind Calm in groups, 1-1 coaching sessions and on retreats. 

You can learn Mind Calm Meditation in the following ways:

Mind Calm for Me Evening Class

Mind Calm for Me - 1 Day Workshop

Mind Calm for Me 1-1 Coaching