Suzi Gibson is a brilliant Mind Detox Practitioner with a very caring and approachable style. She has worked with me on my international retreats and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone ready to make positive changes to their life.
— Sandy C. Newbigging, creator of the Mind Detox Method and author of Heal the Hidden Cause: Using the 5-Step Mind Detox Method

The Mind Detox Method is a remarkable way to discover and heal the hidden mind-based causes of physical, emotional and life problems.  Quite simply, if something negative is happening in your body or life and you don't know why, then this method can help.

The 5-step method aims to find and fix the negative beliefs (often hidden in the more subtle realms of the mind), so that you can move on with more peace, happiness and life success.

If you believe there could be a mind-based cause for your current physical issue then it can be in your benefit to take a holistic mind and body approach. Mind Detox is also great for helping to clear the mind-based blocks to enjoying better relationships, improved self-esteem and confidence, financial abundance and life success - however that may look for you.

Here is Sandy Newbigging the creator of the Mind Detox Method explaining why it works.

Potential benefits include:

  • Let go of negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, guilt or grief relating to people, places, events or things in your past, present and future.

  • Change limiting beliefs that are blocking your life enjoyment and success.

  • Overcome uncontrollable habits, behaviours and addictions. Resolve the emotions that may be negatively impacting your habits and behaviours.

  • Increase your energy levels and feel more alive.

  • Enjoy more inner peace, confidence and contentment, and much more!

Please note: No medical claims are ever made in relation to Mind Detox and you should always seek advice from trained medical practitioners if you are experiencing physical or mental conditions. 

Work with me

Mind Detox Coaching is most effective over a number of sessions. Sessions can be booked in blocks of 3 and are available in person in Peebles, Scottish Borders or via Skype.