Here's just a small sampling some of the nice things people have said...

Suzi Gibson is a brilliant Mind Detox Practitioner with a very caring and approachable style.  She has worked with me on my international retreats and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone ready to make positive changes to their life.  Sandy C. Newbigging, creator of the Mind Detox Method and author of Heal the Hidden Cause: Using the 5-Step Mind Detox Method

I felt like I was held in the arms of an angel in my session with you. You have such a gift Suzi. This gentle nurturing and soothing treatment was unlike anything I have ever experienced before, it revitalised me from the core of my being. Thank you my darling. Dawn Breslin TV Personality/Author

I can walk up to your door with heavy boots on and walk away with ballet shoes on my feet. You give me positives to replace my negatives. You make me feel normal when I think I must be the only person feeling like I do. You are always calm, kind, listen without judging. You have taught me to believe in myself and given me many tools to make life better. Tracy Confidence Coaching

An amazing journey of self discovery in a loving, energising environment. Suzi's teaching, passion and energy make her a clear leading in Mindfulness coaching. Lesley, Mindfulness for Me Evening Class

In a fast moving world, Suzi gives you the tools to exercise calmness and stillness. Everyone needs Mindfulness in their life! Suzi, you have truly been given a gift and I am thankful to have been part of an amazing life experience. 
Sam, Mindfulness for Me Evening Class

Take time to love and nourish yourself. Suzi can set you on the right path. 
Suzanne, Mindfulness for Me Evening Class

Suzi creates a very calming and welcoming atmosphere. The course was fantastic and I have taken away skills that will be with me for the rest of my life. A perfect way to spend a Wednesday evening. Thank you Suzi.
Mandi, Mindfulness for Me Evening Class

This course has been amazing, its made me look at life in a different way and given me the courage to make positive change. Michelle, Mindfulness for Me Evening Class

Mindfulness and Meditation - a complete joy and all over nourishment. Could not recommend a kinder way to treat yourself. So worthwhile - reminds you it is ok to pause or at the very least, change gear.
Lindsey, Mindfulness for Me Evening Class

The mindfulness course with Suzi is positive and life affirming. The six weeks flew by and I wanted it to go on and on. A small pool of calm in the midst of a full on week. Carole, Mindfulness for Me Evening Class

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Suzi made the sessions relaxed and enjoyable & was encouraging at all times. Lynn, Mindfulness for Me Evening Class

The course has provided techniques and strategies to practise and apply. It has allowed me to look more closely at myself and how I react to situations. It has given permission to be good to myself with no feelings of guilt. Me time! Edna, Mindfulness for Me Evening Class

Suzi is a wonderful teacher, very focused and passionate about what she does. I'd recommend this course for many reasons and was a great introduction for me to Mindfulness. It was lovely being on this course with others and sharing our experiences. A fabulous investment in myself.
Jennifer, Mindfulness for Me Evening Class

Mindfulness for Me provides respite and peace in the midst of a busy life. If you think you don't have time then you won't regret making some time to step into Suzi's tranquil studio.
Caroline, Mindfulness for Me Evening Class

An amazing thing to do. Changed my whole outlook on life. My confidence and self belief has never been so good.
Charley, Mindfulness for Me Evening Class

I found this course inspiring. I learnt loads and Suzi helped me to realise I already am mindful in some ways already, but always room to grow. Pauline, Mindfulness for Me Evening Class

Brilliant course! Really calming and confidence building, helped me realise how to find peace and share it with those around me. Thank you so much! Wilma, Mind Calm for Me Evening Class

This was something I wanted to learn to do together with my daughter. We are now planning to attend a retreat together and enjoy meditating together. Michelle, Mind Calm for Me Evening Class

Amazing! This has taught me so much about emotions and accepting them or resisting them. Also given me so much inner peace and tranquility. Charley, Mind Calm for Me Evening Class

I aim to be more like you! Stobo Castle Retreat Attendee

I just felt you were such a lovely lady in every way and perfect to teach mind calm. Stobo Castle Retreat Attendee

Thank you Suzi, you made the sessions easy to understand. I am inspired to try the meditation techniques. Stobo Castle Retreat Attendee

Really lovely person, really loved the experience and your enthusiasm about the subject. Stobo Castle Retreat Attendee

Your very peaceful approach added to the experience, thank you for adding to the calm of Stobo. Stobo Castle Retreat Attendee

Lovely happy calm personality, made me feel good. Stobo Castle Retreat Attendee

Perfectly pitched delivery in the meditation sessions. Stobo Castle Retreat Attendee

I really enjoyed your sessions and your personality. Stobo Castle Retreat Attendee

This is a great day which introduces you to simple techniques with time to practise. I think it would be helpful for anyone living in the modern world! Mind Calm for Me 1 Day Course Attendee

Suzi is a great teacher. Informative, gentle and encouraging. Mind Calm for Me Evening Class Attendee

What an amazing course. Full of great tips and encouragement. Suzi is wonderful and promotes peace and acceptance. Om Peace Mind Calm for Me Evening Class Attendee

It is worth taking a day out of our busy lives to hear about Mind Calm to benefit ourselves and the people we work with. Great presenter! Mind Calm for Me 1 Day Course Attendee

I recommend this course. Very replacing and very enthusiastically taught. Mind Calm for Me 1 Day Course Attendee

A warm and comfy place to reflect, reconsider, renew my love of meditation. Mind Calm for Me 1 Day Course Attendee

Just a note to say thank you so much for the confidence building sessions. You have no idea what a help they have been and your advice and guidance will stay with me during this transition period of my life! During a time when so many changes and challenges came at once, you were exactly what I needed. You are very gifted in your therapy and I would highly recommend you to anyone. Sarah, Police Woman, Confidence Building Programme

I feel much happier in myself and feel I have started getting back to the person I truly am. Lots of friends and family members have since commented on my improved appearance and me having my spark back! Melanie, Mind Detox Coaching

Having had Mind Detox therapy sessions with Suzi, I realised that many of my old negative thoughts were holding me back. I learned through my sessions that I had adapted a habit of attaching emotional feelings from the past to my current life situations which kept me stuck in past memories. Through talking and processing my past memories fears and emotions I have discovered how to become present to the Now and that I can chose to be calmer happier and more peaceful in the moment. Suzi's methods and way of delivering the various mindfulness techniques are gentle but powerful. I would highly recommend Mind Detox as a way of moving positively forward in life. Judith, Mum of 3, Mind Detox Coaching

It would be very difficult to find the words to tell you how incredibly grateful I am for the sessions with you and your amazing help. Perhaps I can just tell you I just went for a walk along the river just as it started raining a torrential downpour, through the rain the sun started shining. As I was getting soaked I became aware I was smiling the biggest smile ever and then broke into a laugh. It was such a perfect beautiful moment. Stewart, Pilot, Mind Detox Coaching

Thank you for listening. It was lovely to have a you here for support. You are an inspiration. Thanks very much I loved every minute. Andrea, Mind Body Detox Retreat, Turkey

Lovely to meet you Suzi. You have added so much to the experience. You have a gift with people. You are the person everyone would want as their friend. Nicola, Mind Body Detox Retreat, Turkey

Just being close to your beautiful serene self has contributed to the whole experience. I shall always remember your gentle smile. Jean, Mind Body Detox Retreat, Turkey

Thank you for caring so much about us all and listening. Your serenity is a great advert. Thanks for helping me in our 1-1. Debbie, Mind Body Detox Retreat, Turkey

Thank you! Its been lovely to get to know you and be in your presence. You are so serene and loving. Mind Body Detox Retreat, Turkey

Your serene presence and loving energy was perfect for the group dynamic and certainly helped me feel calm. Thank you for the 2 sessions in which I felt held throughout in a safe still place to comfortably explore my unconscious mind and seek new conclusions. Thank u! Sara, Mind Body Detox Retreat, Turkey

Suzi thank you for being so kind. I am inspired by your serenity and calm and yet you have so much strength but very feminine. I am so very happy. Thank you! I wish you well. Linda, Mind Body Detox Retreat, Turkey

Your calmness inspired me and I found you really hospitable and warm. You really helped the group relax and gel. Sarah, Mind Body Detox Retreat, Turkey

Beautifully grounded and gracious. A brilliant asset to the team. Sophie, Mind Body Detox Retreat, Turkey

You are the most calming person I have ever met and love to be more like you. Your energy is just perfect :-) xx Gillian, Mind Body Detox Retreat, Turkey

You've been an absolute inspiration to me this week. A beautiful soul! Don't change a thing! Love ya! Roy, Mind Body Detox Retreat, Turkey

Suzi is a great person to go to for treatments, especially if you have skin problems. She's very easy to open up to and her expert advice on products helped to alleviate many problems. The 2-hour facial is the best and well worth having - it's my 'thank you' to myself! Would thoroughly recommend Suzi to anyone. Lorraine Murray, Therapist/Author/Business Owner, Dr.Hauschka Therapy

I go to Suzi for a combination of half hour Reiki followed by the two hour Dr.Hauschka Classic Treatment (the best facial I've ever had). It is truly blissful and never fails to leave me feeling deeply relaxed and renewed and my skin looking much healthier. Suzi is a gifted and intuitive therapist who is a pleasure to talk to and who will understand the best way to treat your needs. I highly recommend Suzi and Dr.Hauschka products. Claire, Author, Dr.Hauschka and Karuna Reiki

Her light touch had an extremely soporific effect on me and afterwards my complexion was glowing. I felt as chemical-free and virtuous as though I’d munched an entire lettuce, but with the warm feeling you get after scoffing a family-size bar of Galaxy. Perfect. Scotsman Magazine Gaby Soutar, Dr.Hauschka Therapy

With Suzi’s gentle touch, you leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and totally reinvigorated. East Lothian Life, Dr.Hauschka Therapy