What is Meditation?

There is a lot to read about meditation and various definitions of what it is. What ever the definition you read the practise of meditation is simply giving the mind an alternative focus. In doing so we become more aware, more present, more able to stay in the moment. In staying in the moment our experience of life becomes richer.

Being more present has a very beneficial impact on our health and well being. You'll most likely have experienced periods of worry, about something that has happened (the past) or something that might happen (the future). When we worry repeatedly about the past and future this can impact our health. The mind and body are connected. You'll know where you carry stress in your body or perhaps notice tension in your body when you are stressed.

Meditation teaches us that we actually have a choice as to where we put our attention and taking our attention away from stressful thoughts has great benefits!

By practising meditation, you will encourage balance, physically, emotionally and mentally. Meditation is often thought of as a spiritual pursuit which it can be but it is also one of the most practical ways you can reduce stress.

Some the many benefits you may experience as a result of a regular meditation practise are:

  • feeling calmer and happier
  • reducing muscular tension and pain
  • improving sleep
  • increasing energy levels
  • improving self esteem
  • breathing improved
  • reducing headaches
  • improving recovery after illness
  • improving ability to focus and concentrate

Meditation is an ancient practise and the benefits have been known for thousands of years. With the increasing popularity of meditation many scientific studies have been carried out the findings of which further highlight the benefits.

Suzi and Meditation

I have been meditating for around 12 years. My interest starting after a diagnosis of post natal depression after the birth of my daughter. I have practised different types of meditation over the years and still do, I also teach different methods. What is important is the actual practise of meditation in order to gain the benefits. We could talk about meditation all day but its only through regular practise that some of the amazing benefits can be realised. You most definitely get out what you put in! 

I am a trained Mindfulness Teacher, Mind Calm Coach & Trainer and Connected Kids Meditation & Mindfulness Tutor and I regularly host guided meditation classes.