We’re all already whole. Sometimes we just need a hand to hold to help us find out
— Suzi

I get it. I know how it is to feel unhappy, uncomfortable and really stuck. For a while, life felt like I was squeezed into someone else's ill-fitting scratchy clothes. I couldn't breathe properly or walk with purpose. But I also know how I found my way to feeling happy, natural and strong. I've spent a decade studying these ways in more detail and now I'm happy to say it's what I do.

There were a few triggers that nudged me onto a path to feeling good. On the outside life was ticking all the right boxes - I was working as a software engineer, I'd just given birth to my incredible daughter. So things seemed secure. The trouble was being a software engineer wasn't a comfy fit for me and I ended up diagnosed with depression while on maternity leave. Inside I was feeling far from good. So I started to 'learn' my way out of it.

Along the way I've been blessed to work with inspiring individuals and talented mentors. They've all helped me to learn and share the positive and powerful catalysts for self-nurture.

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